Small town big idiot and general sarcasmo, Brodi Snook was once told on a first date that she was a handful. May he rest in peace. Join Chortle’s 2020 Best Newcomer (UK) and two-time RAW Comedy state finalist (AUS) as she navigates the toxic sausage-fest that is life and wonders why her opinions do not get her laid. Hostile, hilarious and heartfelt, Handful was named in the UK Telegraph’s Best Comedy Shows of Edinburgh Fringe 2019. It also made lots of men on Twitter deeply angry- Brodi’s personal favourite achievement. As seen on Just For Laughs on Channel 10 and the Comedy Channel. As heard on BBC Radio. Writer for Kinne Tonight.

**** - The Skinny

Snook could well be going places – The Telegraph

Devilishly dark punchlines – The Skinny

A sharp comic with an astringent wit and jagged attitude – Chortle