Dating and parenthood are like riding a bike. Simone can’t be f... doing either. 

Simone Springer is SOLO. Single again after 17 years, a few things have changed since the last time. 

Navigating dating and parenthood, a world of tinder and unsolicited pictures. Join Simone as she laughs her way through it. 

If you are single or a parent, this hilarious and relatable comedy show is for you. 

For anyone who doesn’t want kids or is happily in a relationship, this will make you relieved you aren’t SOLO.  

Warning: You may get a stitch. From laughing. – Fringefeed 4 Stars 

Simone was the winner of the Comics Choice Award/Comedian of the Year 2021 (WA Comedy Awards "The Dousties") She is a host of Sunday Singles, and part of the award-winning sell-out group The Motherhood Comedy, Simone has also featured on Sunrise and as a guest presenter on The Couch (Foxtel) and The Project and was a regular as "Friday Morning Comedian" on ABC Radio Perth.