Let's just be clear from the start, this show has nothing to do with riding horses. In fact, Tor has only ever been on two horses in her entire life and it was pretty scary! This is a show with 45mins of jokes, stories and the thought of getting back on that theoretical horse after the sh*t show that was 2020. You're guaranteed to laugh as she covers everything from growing up in Canada with dreams of being a Mountie. To dating in her 30's (should we keep getting on that horse?) while trying to start a new business selling secondhand furniture. So saddle up and join Tor Snyder as she takes you on the incredible comedic journey, "Tor Snyder Horse Rider".

The West Australian Newspaper Award Winner Fringe World 2021
"A whole lot of sass and a whole lot of crass." - ★★★★ Fourth Wall Media, 2021
"...a middle aged, single woman..." Adelaide GLAM, 2018 

Presented by:
Tor Snyder 

Canadian raised comedian Tor Snyder has been living in Perth for the past 10 years and started her comedy career here 8 years ago. Tor is often on stage expressing her love for a certain doughie dessert and telling tales of travel & romance gone wrong. In 2014 she opened the Fremantle Comedy Factory, an open mic comedy night voted by the Perth Comedy Scene as Best Comedy Room. Tor also created HersDay, a night strictly dedicated to encouraging and promoting women in comedy. She's performed alongside some of Australia's best comedians including Becky Lucas, Peter Rowsthorn, Tom Gleeson & Fiona O'Loughlin. More recently, Tor has been chosen for the 2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Comedy Zone, an exclusive opportunity offered to only 5 comedians a year. She's one to watch! 

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